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What Artists Listen To : An Art & Music Podcast

May 1, 2018

I went to Alyse Emdur's special event Stinky Drinks & Edible Flowers at Odd Ark gallery during her solo show 'Skunks and Flowers' and was not only struck by Alyse's work but also the artist herself when she did a Q&A with Lisa Anne Auerbach 


Later I had the opportunity to sit with the artist in her loft home/studio in the heart of the Arts District which she shares with her partner and fellow artist Michael Parker. I listened to Alyse talk about the very different things that inspire her, I learnt that there is music that encourages plants to grow and I have a renewed appreciation for skunks... all the while sipping fresh mint tea from a beautiful ceramic mug. 


See Alyse Emdur's work on What Artists Listen To and learn more about the art podcast project on Instagram Facebook, and Twitter


This podcast was created by the artist Pia Pack edited with the help of Tony Thaxton and the title music was created by musician Dylan Rippon .