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What Artists Listen To : An Art & Music Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

Cassi Namoda, born 1988 Maputo, Mozambique, lives & works in Los Angeles, CA


As the daughter of a Mozambican mother and an American father, Cassi Namoda spent most of her childhood travelling around the world, being exposed to a variety of idea, cultures, and stories.  She would return to Maputo, Mozambique, in her early twenties before permanently settling in Los Angeles. With dream-like elements and folkloric references, her painting calls forth an evocative and intimate recollection.


You can hear Cassi's What Artists Listen To playlist on Spotify. 


Dinah Take Two - Thelonious Monk


Muxima - Os Kiezos


Pela Sombras - Arthur Verocai


Quiet Storm - Smokey Robinson


Track A, Solo Dancer - Charles Mingus


Concierto de Aranjuez - Miles Davies


You can find Allison's work and the work of all the other artists involved in the project on and @whatartistslistentopodcast on Instagram. 


This podcast is hosted by the artist Pia Pack. / @piapack