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What Artists Listen To : An Art & Music Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

Galia Linn was born in Israel and now lives in Los Angeles. We met at her new art hub Blue Roof Studios in South LA. 


In her work Galia constructs relationships between subject, object and their environments by creating elemental tensions; a delicate balance between the mediums’ limits and Linn’s exploration with life’s imperfections. 


Galia Linn’s 6 tracks on the podcast:

River – Madeleine Peyroux

Not Ready to Make Nice – Dixie Chicks

The Last Waltz Suite : The Weight (feat.TheStaples)

Love Came Here – Lhasa de Sala

White Wine in The Sun – Tim Minchin

Mr.Cool – Oded Noy 

And the rest of Galia Linn's playlist on Spotify.


This Saturday, June 23, 12:00pm to 5:00pm is the inaugural Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival: A Day of Encounters and Discovery 


You can find Galia’s work and the work of all the other artists involved in this project on What Artists Listen To. And we’re also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.