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What Artists Listen To : An Art & Music Podcast

Apr 12, 2019

Vanessa Garwood - born Israel 1982, lives London. Vanessa studied painting and sculpture for three years at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence.  Now she lives and works in west London, focusing half on commissions and half working towards exhibitions.  She makes work using a mixture of life sittings and photographs on many subjects, including portraits and conversation pieces, nudes, landscapes in oil, bronze and plaster sculptures, works on paper in charcoal, pen and ink.


You can find Vanessa's playlist on Spotify. 


Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet - Balcony Scene


Garbage - Stupid Girl


Un Bacio a Mezzanotte


I'd Rather Go Blind - Christine McVie


Walla Walla -  Glass Animals


Busta Rhymes - Queen Herby


You can find Vanessa's work and the work of all the other artists involved in the project on and @whatartistslistentopodcast on Instagram. 


The podcast is hosted by the artist Pia Pack. / @piapack